VIDEO: Exploring Smederevo’s Colossal Fortress

David’s Been This is traveling in sites of the nation and search of the best destinations through Serbia. David brings us into the Medieval Fortress of Smederevo, located in Smederevo approximately 30 km south west of Belgrade’s city. Finished in 1439, this palace along with walled-in town is among Europe’s largest flat-ground fortresses, spanning a place of nearly 10.5 acres. The Fortress of Smederevo was built with the intention of being the following capital of Serbia when the funds of Belgrade dropped to the Empire. Requiring an amazing amount of time and patience to build, this compound stands as the controversial arrangement in Serbia’s history. Ultimately falling into the Turks/Ottomans from the late 15th century, the fortress wasn’t returned to Serbia before the mid-late 19th century. If you love history and researching historical structures, this fortress is really a must-see!

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