VIDEO: Celler D’en Toni & Andorra’s Art Hotel

David’s Been This is currently touring all the eats and stays that are greatest in Andorra’s capital town of Andorra La Vella. In this video, David shows off his awesome stay in the Art Hotel, the ideal boutique hotel Andorra La Vella in all. Open since 2002, this hotel provides course comfort, service that is excellent and views , making for a memorable stay inside the town. With easy access to the slopes and all destinations within the nation, this stay is a. Searching for the area food to coincide with the very best stay? Head over to Celler D’en Toni for among the longest lasting standard Andorran restaurants of the city. With fantastic wine, a central location and a time analyzed menu- . Find all the best eats for your own Kindle Guide on Andorra, currently available of the nation from the David’s Been Here also and stays.

VIDEO: Celler D